Player Code of Conduct

Narrows Baseball Club

I agree to the following with the Narrows Baseball Club for the 2022/23 season:

  • Respect teammates, coaches, adults, opponents, umpires and spectators at all times. Trash talk and/or taunting of opponents are not tolerated.

  • Inappropriate language and/or cursing are not tolerated.

  • Player will support decisions of the coaches during practice sessions, games, and other program activities. Player will make no public display of disagreement with coach's decisions during a game(s) that embarrasses the player and/or coaching staff.

  • Detrimental actions while under the direct supervision of club personnel, such as, destruction of property, stealing, fighting or physical contact with a coach, teammate, opponent, umpire, or spectator, throwing equipment, ejection from a game or practice, use of alcohol, illegal drugs, misuse of prescription medications not issued to the player and/or use of tobacco, will be justifiable cause for suspension.

  • Players suspended from their regular school will be ineligible to participate in any activities of the club until school attendance has been re-established.

  • Players are responsible for having all their own equipment and any equipment issued by the club ready for use at all practices and/or games.

  • The coaching staff will ultimately decide what position(s) a player will play and determine playing time for each player that is in the best interest of the individual team.

  • If a player has disagreement with the decisions of the coaching staff, or club administration, the player may request a private meeting to discuss the situation with their coaching staff first and then the club administration. Meeting of this type shall not be held immediately before, during or immediately after a game or other team function. Meeting time, date and location will be agreed upon by all parties concerned.
  • It is player's responsibility to notify the coaching staff if not attending practice, game or other club activity a minimum of two (2) hours before/prior to the scheduled start of a practice, game or other club activity.
  • I may receive disciplinary penalties by the club for my detrimental actions
    and not complying with this Contract-Commitment/Code of Conduct.
  • I understand that I am contracting/committing to play baseball for the Narrows Baseball Club for the current regularly scheduled season, September 2021 through August 2022, and will not contract or commit to/with another baseball program while under this contract/commitment.
  • If it is found that I have contracted/committed with another baseball program during this time period. Will be justifiable cause for suspension from the club and/or if I resign/quit the program, there is NO REFUND of any fees paid.

  • I may appeal any disciplinary penalty against me by notification to the Baseball Director in writing/e-mail within 24 hours of my receiving any penalty. I will be eligible to participate in club activities while the Appeals Committee and/or Board of Directors are rendering a decision on my appeal.